A Wine Miscellany

Demonstrating the same breadth of knowledge and the same sense of enthusiasm as all the best wine books, but with none of the pomposity and pretentiousness that so often afflict such volumes, Graham Harding's "A Wine Miscellany" is a book to entertain, to stimulate and to inform. Packed with arcane information about everything from types of cork and other closures to the rarest and the most expensive wines (which are not necessarily the same thing), here at last is a book that a wine connoisseur may give to a novice, and that someone ignorant of wine may give to an expert. For anyone tired of miscellanies which are little more than the weary rehearsal of warmed-over facts, here at last is a book to charm the reader's nose and enliven the palatel Among its fascinating entries are: a complete listing of all the wines enjoyed by James Bond in Ian Fleming's novels. The stories behind such labels as 'Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush' and 'Fat Bastard' Bottle sizes; wine labels; recipes for marijuana wine and wine ice cream. How and why two glasses of wine a day (but no more) are good for you; which celebrities' wines are worth drinking - and which are not; a tasting note on the world's oldest wine; and a great deal more!

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Book Title: A Wine Miscellany

Book Author: Graham Harding

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ISBN: B005Q7A5Y8