Keep Sharp 42 Easy Recipes: Food for the Mind

Inspired by Sanjay Gupta " Keep Sharp," Genius Reads gives 42 step by step easy to follow recipes for your body and brain!!This is a companion, of sorts, to Sanjay Gupta’s Keep Sharp - How to Build a Better Brain at Any Age. The book itself covers a wide range of subjects to do with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and cognitive decline. He cites his own intensive research into the subject and calls us up to take preventive measures against loss of brain function. One of these measures is appropriate eating styles.What follows is mostly a recipe book, but in the spirit of Dr. Gupta’s own belief that a diet does not work as well as a lifestyle change, we’re also going to take a look at some of the ideas explored in Keep Sharp. In some cases, we will expand on them.We’ll take a look at the ideas that inform Gupta’s book, and his own conclusions. We’ll also look at how we might address our own issues with eating healthily and some of the reasons why we might not.There are times we will explore a particular food group or meal and how it can help us to maintain cognitive function, and we’ll work out when to eat and when not to eat. Further, we will, of course, look at some recipe ideas that are built around Gupta’s Sharp plan, and the diet that informs it, the MIND diet.

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Book Title: Keep Sharp 42 Easy Recipes: Food for the Mind

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